About Us


India is growing at a fast pace and expanding its digital coverage rapidly. There is a large segment that is yet to be brought to the main stream. They are not even aware of the vast pool of resources and opportunities available. Kotumb is providing a platform to connect such segment to the resourcecs, jobs, opportunities and help them connect and leap ahead

Why Use Kotumb ?

Refer and get reffered

Get referance from all those who liked your service.

Schemes and policies

Stay up-to-date on government policies and updates.

Jobs and opportunities

Get updates on private or government jobs.


Connect with friends and professionals and grow

What is Kotumb

A Family

We all help each other grow in our family. India is one such huge family that we all are part of. We ought to help each other, rich or poor, high or low, urban or rural. Kotumb is one such platform to connect us all as one big family.